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** I live to travel + snap pics ** I ♥ archaeology *aesthete *architecture *art *autumn *colour *design *friends+fam *flicks *flowers *flea mkts *homewares *iPhoneography *larfin *museums *music *perfume *pics *polka dots *ribbons *sparklers *stars *stripes *wrapping pressies *xmas **Penchant for: 11.11 *anything RED *choc *cocktails *mocha *raspberries (all berries) *sleep-ins (I'm nocturnal) **TV faves: NCIS *TBBT * Lie To Me** TV mourning (yes still): Seinfeld *Daria *Coupling *Boston Legal ** Follow Me on Pinterest
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Get ready for the #PhotoADayApril Challenge on Instagram created by @fatmumslim (Taken with instagram)

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